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La Goretti was born in 2017, from the merger of two important people in the professional coffee machines business.

Two patented models available at the moment  semiautomatic flow control for speciality coffee and automatic with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR CUSTOMIZING the models.

La Goretti is located at Valsamoggia, in the province of Bologna (IT), just 5 minutes from the motorway exit.

The Goretti group head allow to do controlled infusions into 3 steps:

1- pre infusion (you can set pre infusion pressure)

2- pump (MP water flow control with needle valve)

3- final infusion at low pressure after brew (optional)

Featured by an innovative compact design without compromising on operating.
Body, frame and boiler built in pure 304 AISI stainless steel.
Capable of producing both espresso and americano filtered coffee by simply adjusting the temperature of the boilers,  with an adjustable cup-supporting tray it can easily accommodate different serving cups.
The innovative serpentine design over the groups maintains a constant temperature at nozzles’ exit and adjusts the water temperature to optimal performing levels. This feature allows to fully utilize the coffee mix with minimum wastage.

The very high thermal efficiency makes it possible to dispense coffee at a temperature from 88 to 100 ° even with main boiler off so that you can have a huge saving on electricity.

We like to call it boilerless technology by simply turning off boiler from PIDs displays.

The V3 features also shot timers with memory for every shots and water flow control with a needle valve system.

Cleaning and maintenance of the water tank is easy and hassle free even for less experienced operators.

The machine is 100% Italian, designed, built and assembled, in Italy, by highly qualified personnel.


The final touch screen version with the following features:
- free dispensing
- dispensing by dosage (settable quantity)
- shot timers
- flow control
- electronic pre infusion
- perfect thermal stability (0.5 degrees in 60 seconds)
- progressive mechanical flow control based on the grinding






Construction system with heat exchanger but to works as a saturated one, coffee group with instant serpentines boilers (600w) and main boiler with thermal insulation.

These factors, combined with short and circular pipes, allow the machine to be unbeatable on thermal stability.

Nanotech treatments of group parts to reduces the need for daily cleaning of the external components.

ON/OFF option for group boilers and main boiler for energy savings.

Separate boilers in stainless steel 304 6mm and brass
The temperature of each dispensing nozzle can be adjusted thanks to the multiple boilers design.

Double pid (coffee and boiler)
It allows controlling electronically the water temperature in each boiler, shot timer and to turn on/off all machine boilers.

Thermally insulated boilers
This feature reduces energy consumption and improves thermal stability of the water flow.


anti-crusting 0.7mm gigler filter.

Flow control

With the Goretti group you can set pre and final infusion pressure and flow control and saving them for future shots!

Operational safety
Featuring heat protected electrical distribution lines, rubber seals, secondary emergency valve, annealed stainless piping, wooden fittings treated to withstand heat and shock, heat release valve built-in the nozzles tanks, 304 stainless steel boilers with double locking system.

Calibrated and perfectly balanced holders

Steam release mechanical lever
Easy to use lever to accurately controls steam flows.

Cold touch wands

Cup sizing

Tall and take-away cups can easily fit in the machine due to its adjustable tray.

Cup holder tray

The newly designed system, by La Goretti, allows to easily adjust the position and removal of the cup holder tray.

Cup warmer tray
Always keeps espresso and cappuccino cups at the right temperature.


The version only for the best, all manual
- control time and pressure pre infusions from paddle
 - flow control
- temperature control
- shot timers
- further infusion after pump work (optional)
- progressive mechanical flow control based on the grinding
- perfect temperature keeping (0.2 degrees for 60 seconds)



Data sheet

  • DIMENSIONS: length (1gr) 440 - (2gr) 620mm, width 450mm and height 450mm
  • BOILER CONSTRUCTION: 4-8 litre capacity in stainless steel AISNI 304
  • HEATING ELEMENTS: 1500 - 3.500 WAT, 230/240-380/400 VOLTS
  • PUMP BRAND AND PERFORMANCE: RPM, 120-150 W, 230/240 VOLTS, 50 HZ
  • DISPENSING GROUP COMPONENTS: Brass, power 600 WAT, 230/240 VOLTS, 50 Hz
  • PUMPING SYSTEM: Rotational
  • BOILER PRESSURE GAUGE: Electronic and Digital, adjustable from 80º to 130º
  • DISPENSING NOOZLE THERMOSTATS: Electronic and Digital, adjustable from 80º to 130º
  • WATER OUTLET: With central lever
  • STEAM OUTLET: Left and right access lever
  • CUP HOLDING TRAY: Stainless steel adjustable (two positions)
  • DRIP TRAY: Stainless steel adjustable (two positions)
  • LEVEL CONTROL SYSTEM: With boiler gauge
  • OPERATIONAL SWITCH: 3 positions, 0-power off, 1-boiler charging and 2-power on
  • POWER SUPPLY: 2 meter long multiple polarity cable*
  • WATER SUPPLY: 2 meter long flexible pipe with 3/8 connection
  • WATER DRAINAGE: 2 meter long flexible pipe
  • PRESSURE GAUGE: Dual scale reading for pump and boiler
  • STRUCTURAL FRAME: Stainless steel 304
  • ACCESSORIES: Single water & steam lever, pads and nozzle knobs covers in Walnut Canaletto
  • SIDE INSERTS: Anodized aluminium, Steel, Iron, Glass, Wood.

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